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Uruguay is the second most prosperous country in South America and the eighteenth in the world. Also, one of the best places to live in is said to have a highly skilled and educated workforce, with the nation’s literacy rate of 97 percent, the largest in Latin America. So it is evident that there is a fair amount of jobs available in Uruguay, and some require skills while some don’t.

Examples of the jobs available in Uruguay for foreigners are; customer service representative, (English language) Teacher/ trainer, Babysitting, etc. Some selected few jobs are mainly typical among foreigners: the industry work and maybe the agricultural job. It is essential to note that finding a job in Uruguay as a foreigner isn’t an easy task/process, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Some jobs require one to possess a specific educational certificate and skills, and some can be with visa sponsorship. Luckily for any foreigner looking to work in Uruguay, the country’s demand for skilled laborers is relatively high.

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Jobs In Uruguay For Foreigners

The following are some of the jobs available in Uruguay for foreigners: 

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